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Real People ; Real Results

Penny Pruitt

  "Fad diets, scam artist, pills, powders and potions weren't cutting it for me anymore after a long time trying to lose weight and get fit. I started training with Jay 10 weeks after my second knee surgery. I lost 40 inches, learned to Box and competed in 5 powerlifting meets." 

Monica Ocejo

     "Gaining 25lbs after my car accident in 2014 was enough to motivate me to change my body. The first six months in the Archer Hybrid Fitness program I lost 20lbs of body fat and gained almost 10lbs of muscle. Six months later, I won my first powerlifting meet."

Jamie Steer

    "It's so confusing trying to figure out who's giving the right fitness and nutrition information, Archer Hybrid Fitness makes the science easy to understand, I've never felt more in control."

Jays before and after pic_edited_edited.jpg

Jason Archer

    "It's not impossible to build muscle after 40, this is 10lbs of muscle gain in 6 months."

Brigid Pic_edited_edited.jpg

Brigid Robine

    "Endless cardio and starving all the time got really old. Now I have a new relationship with food and can celebrate my body instead of punish it."

Mona booty before and after pic._edited.jpg

Monica Ocejo

    "Building a booty isn't bands, cable back kicks, and duck walks. It's squats, deadlifts, hip thrust, and lunges."

Enrique Salazar

    "I had a little over two months to make some improvements before a Cancún vacation, I wasn't sure how much head way could be made in that time but I was super stoked about the results."

Nancy Fuentes

    "Over the course of 5 years I experimented with every form of fitness and all the latest "diets." What I love about Archer Hybrid Fitness is that it's based on science and facts. Now I can help my struggling friends and family with their health and fitness."

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